New York City police officer John Flynn takes a call at the 105th Precinct in the Flushing, Queens section of New York City, Aug. 6, 1977. The precinct has special phone lines to take calls with information or leads on the "Son of Sam" killer. On the desk is a police sketch of the killer. (AP Photo/Ira Schwarz)

Detective Ed Zigo shows off proof that they have caught the "Son of Sam".

NYPD at the scene of Berkowitz's arrest.

New York police detective Joseph Borelli exhibited this expression, Thursday, August 11, 1977 as he talked about the manhunt that ended with the arrest of 24-year-old David Berkowitz of Yonkers, New York, as the suspected "Son of Sam" slayer. Borelli was part of a special police task-force working to crack the case. (AP Photo)

A crowd gathers outside Kings County hospital in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Thursday August 11, 1977 as a police van arrives. The van was carrying accused .44 caliber slayer David Berkowitz to a mental ward at the hospital for observation. (AP Photo)

Ed Zigo holding the infamous .44 bulldog used in the shootings.

David Berkowitz in custody.

David Berkowitz

People crowding in the streets after hearing news of the capture.

David Berkowitz's apartment on the day of his arrest.