Was he really alone?

Welcome to the website that was spawned after reading "The Ultimate Evil" by investigative reporter Maury Terry. In his book Maury debunks many of the "facts" that the police wanted the public to believe in the midst of the Son of Sam killings in the late 70's. He provided hard to deny evidence of there being more than one person involved in these killings. There have even been live interviews with David Berkowitz in which he reveals to Maury that he was the shooter in only 2 of the killings! I was so amazed by the developments that I have been researching this case ever since. This is a website dedicated to those who believe that a cult was involved and will not settle for the so called "lone gunman theory" that the NYPD wanted the world to believe. This site will arm you with the knowledge and facts needed to put the puzzle together on what really happened.


This site will contain many valuable pieces of information regarding the Son of Sam killings, everything from articles to interviews and videos as well. It will be the complete source for those looking to do their own investigating or theorizing. It will focus on information related strictly to the Son of Sam side of the case which will include most of the information Maury Terry revealed in his book. Any questions and comments can be directed to the Contact section of this site.