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tomb567 wrote: Wed Aug 11, 2021 2:38 am Omega - not sure if locating gravesites could lead to anything more than confirming existence of corpses, neither of which would necessarily be the real McCoy. Unless a DNA comparison could be done. And who is likely the only person who could provide comparison samples? Wheat Carr? Don’t see that happening...
Even DNA samples wouldn't seem to be good enough proof for some conspiracy theorists out there. Stephen Crawford's (Arlis Perry) DNA was used and people rationalized that he was a security guard at Stanford, so his DNA was all over the place. There are countless recent high profile cases, where convicted suspect's DNA was readily available and used, that people rationalize DNA was planted by the police to make the case solved.

If Wheat did give DNA and the remains matched, some people still wouldn't believe it and say it was manipulated. Just can't win. Not in today's social media world.

Another thing to keep in mind in all these "Lazarus rising from the dead" cases, is that even if some of these people did fake death and survive, some actually may be dead here in 2021 from natural or accidental causes over time. A lot of these players are near or in their 70s and life (and death) could have taken it's natural toll by now.
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