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Reading T.U.E. Again

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:09 am
by tomb567
So I thought in light of the 40th anniversary which came and went last summer, and the various TV specials revisiting the case, which, sadly, mostly reverted entirely to the official version of events, it would be a good time to give The Ultimate Evil another read. I'd read it twice before, I'm estimating around 2005 and again in 2008, and I was starting to think I've forgotten many of the details of Terry's investigation. Was I ever right! It's like reading it for the first time in certain respects. I'm about 200 pages in, and trying to read at a slower pace, to absorb the material as best as possible.

Now that Maury Terry has passed on, it leaves me wondering if he ever turned over his investigative files to anyone else, to carry the torch, so to speak. Considering how many pseudonyms were used in the book to protect identities, as well as details he may have had reasons to limit how much he revealed in the book, such as information gleaned from confidential police sources, he must have left behind the equivalent of the evidence room of a small police precinct. Anyone know? I'm not on social media so I don't really know if he ever created a T.U.E. Facebook page, and if so, whether he ever engaged in any active messaging conversations with S.O.S. case enthusiasts.

Surviving victim Carl Denaro stated in an interview that he started buying into Terry's claims after reading the book and appears to have researched matters further himself, but I don't know if he ever maintained ongoing communications with the author. For obvious reasons, he would be a great candidate to inherit Terry's work. Of course, there is also plenty of reason for cynicism - if the authorities had no interest in apprehending accomplices for the last 40 years, it's hard to imagine them rounding up a bunch of geriatric perpetrators in the future regardless of what evidence surfaces. These people should be having their latest parole hearings after 40 years behind bars like the Manson girls, not living in complete freedom and anonymity all these years.

I also wanted to mention . . . COME ON PEOPLE, POST SOME STUFF!!! There were a lot of interesting things being discussed before the forum went down for a while. My gut tells me that some folks took that as a sign the entire website was shutting down, and never thought to check back...

Re: Reading T.U.E. Again

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:58 pm
by Omega
A NEW post! FINALLY! THANKS Tomb567!!

Yes, postings have been far and few since the new board has started up again. I plead "GUILTY" myself for not being more active here!

Yes, "The Ultimate Evil" is one of those books that no matter how my times you reread it, there is always something new that comes out of it that you may have missed in a prior reading.

Tomb, you mentioned a Carl Denaro interview. I don't know if this is the one you are alluding to, but there is an excellent and fascinating interview with Carl on YouTube (audio only) on the Ed Opperman report. Well worth checking out this interview, if anyone hasn't already.

Carl and Ed spent about two hours discussing the SOS case around last summer's anniversary. A lot of things were discussed. Carl did mention that Maury's research has been passed on to someone and is in good hands. The question is if anyone will eventually followup the research with an update to "T.U.E." book. I was always hoping that the 40th anniversary would have generated that. But, Maury's passing in late 2015 put an end to that. Hopefully, someone will pick up the torch and put out the definitive book before the 50th Anniversary in 2027! (YIKES!)

Carl also mentioned in the interview that he believed that the "missing link" to the entire case would be the yellow VW car from the Moskowitz shooting. If that could be found, it would clear up and tie things together. Unfortunately, that car is probably long gone.

If anything can prove a conspiracy of others involved and be considered a "missing link", it may be the Ronald Sisman film/video of the Moskowitz/Violante shooting. If that thing exists, and that is a BIG "IF", it would blow the whole case wide open!

Thanks again Tomb567 for this recent post. Hopefully, this gets the conversations going again!

Re: Reading T.U.E. Again

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:29 am
by tomb567
Thanks for the kind words Omega. I turned a co-worker on to the conspiracy angle of S.O.S. this past fall, and I believe she might have told me more about Denaro's continued interest. I think another true crime buff friend of hers told her that not only does Denaro know for a fact that his shooter was a woman, but that he knows her name, age, and where she currently resides. Crazy!!! Maybe this comes up in the YouTube audio interview you mentioned; I will have to check it out. I don't think my co-worker was informed of the ultimate source of the claims her friend passed along.

Re: Reading T.U.E. Again

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:28 pm
by Omega
Hi Tomb! Yes, definitely check out the Carl Denaro interview on YouTube on the Opperman Report. You won't be disappointed!

Carl does confirm that he knows the identity of the WOMAN that shot him through Maury's research. He does not name the woman in the interview, but states that she is still alive. She was supposedly at a house or party in that area of Flushing at the time of the shooting. It would be interesting if Maury's research confirmed that "Ski Cap", in the Voskerichian murder, is the same woman that shot Carl prior. Or were two different women shooters involved?

Carl also mentioned that he is now the administrator of the Maury Terry "T.U.E." group on Facebook.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Re: Reading T.U.E. Again

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:47 pm
by NYNighthawk
Carl DeNero is an unsung hero in the SOS case as was Maury Terry. Carl's daughter Casey has done a mini documentary on her father which has won some festival awards. Maury's files are in the hands of a film documentary maker but will it go forward is anyone's guess.

This guy did a film called Cropsey about 10 years ago that got some good reviews but has been unable to match that success with his later works. Carl can be considered to be the keeper of the flame after Maury's passing and I believe someone told me runs a Facebook group page dedicated to the case. The perps who are still alive are now all senior citizens. If they were to be arrested they could claim Alzheimer' or dementia issues and beat the rap.

There will be no arrests thanks to the bullshitter Berkowitz who claimed he could not name names because they would go after his father. Well his father died and all you got out of DB was silence!

Re: Reading T.U.E. Again

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:11 am
by tomb567
Interesting that Carl's daughter chronicled his ordeal. Couldn't find it on YouTube, will have to resume searching when I have time.

Is the Cropsey you mention the story of the Willowbrook mental institution in Staten Island, the same one Geraldo Rivera did the expose on? I've seen it, and it was very interesting, but I don't recall any involvement on Carl Denaro's part. No credential indicated on IMDb. Or is it some other subject matter in the Cropsey you're referring to.

As for Berkowitz's silence, while I have no problem believing that fear for his family's safety was his motivation to avoid naming names of those still living for many years following his capture, I agree it has worn thin decades later. I'm thinking that nowadays his refusal to speak might be more driven by a desire to keep himself relevant, keep himself a person of interest, so to speak. Whether one buys into his reformed Christian self or not, there may well be a highly maladjusted individual still lurking below the surface. I always thought he came across very well in the various televised interviews, but who knows.

Re: Reading T.U.E. Again

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:22 am
by stale wine
I always read the updated 1999 version of T.U.E. at least once a year, usually in October. (I just began the "Her Name Was Stacy" chapter today.)

I wish this version was available on Kindle, but since it was published by Barnes & Noble, it's not likely to happen.

I agree that new things and perspectives pop in my mind with every read.